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The production of edible mushroom producers seven River biological application for three new board listed

2017-11-02 08:55:24 Shandong Qihe Bio Technology Co., Ltd Read

The production of edible mushroom producers seven River biological application for three new board listed (dig shellfish net pictures)

Dig shellfish network January 14th news, Shandong seven River Biological Polytron Technologies Inc has recently formally applied for new three board listing, its listing materials in December 31st in the national stock transfer system disclosed. Seven River Biological was founded in November 2000, the completion of the share reform in May 2011, chairman Su Si with shares accounted for 21.85%, accounting for 13.41% of the shares of general manager Su Jianchang, supervisors Su Jianhua Wang Fengying shares accounted for 5.53%, accounting for 2.69% of the shares, four actual control of the company jointly.

Dig shellfish new board Research Institute of statistics, 2015 1-10 month, seven River Biological 2014 year 2013 annual revenues were 154 million yuan, 162 million yuan, 78 million 833 thousand and 500 yuan; net profit was 27 million 133 thousand and 500 yuan, 36 million 192 thousand and 300 yuan, 14 million 416 thousand and 800 yuan.

Announcement shows that the seven River Biological main business for the cultivation and sales of edible fungi, the main products for letinous edodes, letinous edodes and other mushroom fungus mushroom products. Among them, mushroom and letinous edodes mainly domestic market; letinous edodes cultivationwaste mainly into South Korea, Japan, the United States and other overseas markets. Through continuous technological exploration and innovation, the company has gradually formed a complete letinous edodes factory production technology system.

In addition, fresh mushroom belongs to edible agricultural products, edible fungus seven River Biological factory cultivation, to establish and implement the supervision and management mechanism, from raw materials, environment, production, processing and packaging of full circulation and controlled from the source, the maximum to avoid germs and pests, the environmental pollution of edible fungi against to ensure food safety.

Seven River Biological sponsored broker in this application for listing of Everbright Securities, the legal adviser for the Beijing city law office, financial audit Ruihua CPA (special general partnership).