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Seven River Biological intends to terminate the listing with the business development of the company

2017-11-02 08:53:56 Shandong Qihe Bio Technology Co., Ltd Read

(original title: seven River Biological intends to terminate the listing with the company's business development)

Dig shellfish network news April 13th, three new board listed company seven River biological (837204) recently announced that, in line with the company's business development and in the domestic capital market's long-term strategic development plan, improve business decision-making efficiency, seven River Biological intends to apply for the termination of the listing on the National SME share transfer system.

According to dig nets understand, seven River biology in April 11, 2017 held by the board of directors to consider the adoption of the motion to terminate the listing. The bill needs to be submitted to the shareholders' meeting for deliberation.

Announcement shows that the seven River biological reality of commitments, if any shareholder, I promise, termination of the company after the listing, I have the ability to buy shares at a reasonable price, priority will be held by the acquisition of objection to the shareholders of the company, to determine the specific price negotiation; at the same time commitment, will actively assist the search for other shareholders party, transfer of shares to shareholders matters properly.

As the instructions issued by the Japanese, seven River Biological did not receive any shareholders to terminate the listing matters objection.

Dig shellfish new board Research Institute data show that seven River Biological formally listed on the new board in April 22, 2016, is committed to letinous edodes and letinous edodes, mushroom mushroom stick R & D, production and sales, is a mushroom field independent research and development, manufacturing, brand operations in one of the professional enterprises.