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Seven River Biological successful fund-raising 53 million 600 thousand foreign expansion base

2017-11-02 08:53:11 Shandong Qihe Bio Technology Co., Ltd Read

In February 15th, the seven River Biological announcement announced that the company successfully issued 4 million 466 thousand and 700 shares at the price of 12 yuan / share, raising 53 million 600 thousand yuan.

Announcement shows that the object of the issue of 3 new investors. Among them, for the most is Jia Muhai, invested 24 million yuan to subscribe for 2 million shares. The rest of the investors for Anhui Dingxin Venture Investment Company Limited Zhang Qingxi. After the completion of this offering, the number of shareholders for the seven River Biological 117.

According to the previously announced stock plan, the funds raised will be used for foreign companies base expansion project, including the construction of auxiliary facilities and expansion of foreign bases of the United States and Japan base base, will help the company to further expand overseas markets, expand market share, establish the company's brand image, promote the rapid development of the company.

Read the new board research center data show that the seven River organisms listed on the new board in May 19, 2016, the main business is engaged in edible fungus research and development, production, sales. In the first half of 2016, the seven River Biological business income was 103 million yuan, an increase of 11.18%; net profit was 20 million 44 thousand and 900 yuan, an increase of 17.72%.