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Melbourne female scientist obsessed with 17 years traveled all over the world.

2017-11-02 08:52:08 Shandong Qihe Bio Technology Co., Ltd Read

In new network on 19 May, according to Australian news report, a scientist said, people in my mind will immediately emerge image scientist in a white coat, sitting in the lab, but Pallot female scientists in Melbourne (Alison Pouliot) it subverts the stereotype of scientists.

In fact, Pallot is an ecologist and environmental photographer who recently held a fungus exhibition in Trentham and Woodend, Melbourne.

Pallot for fungi especially obsession, she spent 17 years researching and looking for treasure fungi, her footprints all over the world, including the Madeira forest, the Alps in Switzerland and Peru in the andes.

But she still likes to find fungi in Australia, because the unique geographical location can produce exotic fungi. "Fungi, a very strange creature, when you see a mushroom breaking out of the ground, you wonder how it did it." Pallot said.

However, Parrott also said that Australia attaches great importance to the degree of fungi is not enough, "Australia did not realize the important role of fungi in biological play, but fungi Australia has perhaps more than anywhere else in the world more. I prefer to describe them as "undervalued groups". After all, it's too cliche to describe them with "unsung heroes"."

In order to make people aware of the importance of fungi, Pallot in the past 17 years has been in Australia mushroom pictures exhibition, she also held various studios, for people to systematically explain the knowledge of fungi.

In high school, Pallot became interested in photography, even at the university she did not give up this hobby now, photography has become an indispensable element in her personal life, and Pallot also took photography and study of fungi two interests together, because she believes that a force is far greater than the power of language.

"These two hobbies require similar skills, such as good observation, science, which can train your observation ability well, and photography needs this skill too." She said.

At present, Melbourne's Trentham and Woodend are palot held fungus photo exhibition, she hopes her photographs can lead people into the fantasy kingdom. "People often find something they don't know. Fungi are not only the ornaments of the earth, they play a very important role in the ecosystem."