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Global talent strategy

It is an important part of the construction of high-level talents team to attract talents at home and abroad. It is also a major strategy to realize the leap forward development.

With the deepening of economic globalization and the rapid internationalization of global production and trade, the "resource flow" of goods, capital, technology, information and talents has been accelerating globally. In this context, the concept of regional boundaries of talent has become increasingly blurred, "international man" showing the trend of accelerated growth. The main theme of the era of economic globalization is internationalization, and the internationalization of talents is the core part of internationalization.

In order to further promote the economic internationalization, globalization requires vision and strategic thinking, requires advanced knowledge of science and technology, cross cultural operation ability, and it all cannot do without the support of talent internationalization. Only through the internationalization of talents, in order to effectively promote the country's economic internationalization.

Therefore, the company must implement the strategy of talent internationalization, actively participate in international and domestic fierce talent competition, to be able to maintain the leading position in the future development and leading position. We should diversify the talent pool, introduce international talents from abroad, attract overseas Chinese students, and cultivate the internationalization of local talents. Familiar with the culture of international practice, can deal with complex situation, has the ability of strategic thinking, understand business, good management, decision-making, pioneering innovative business and management personnel, especially the "leader" of the enterprise leading talent.